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Elderly Precision Health Solution

Autonomous & continuous with contact-free.

REL Living provides the best solution to improve home safety and promote long-term health.

REL Lifestyle


No Need to Change Habits

Live life your way without being bogged down by wearable devices

like bracelets or pendants.

High Autonomy

Maintain an independent lifestyle with continuous protection of your health

and personal safety.

Real-time Notification

Connect to family and caretaker for immediate reponse.

Sleep Quality


A good night's sleep improves your mood and health. Our contactless system will let you know if you experienced poor sleep quality and tossing and turning too much at night and inform you on ways to improve your sleep.


Product Features

24/7 Monitoring
  • Heart Rate

  • Respiration Rate

  • Daily Activities

Real-time notification
  • Medical alert

  • Falls

  • Abnormal events

  • Wellness tips

Health management
  • Sleep quality report

  • Behaviour Pattern report

  • No camera or video recording

  • Easy to set up and maintain

  • Users can enjoy life without restrains

Connected Health
  • Proactive health prediction

  • Identify at-risk individuals

  • Wellness promotion

  • Increase self-awareness and self-control

  • Passed NCC/CE certification

  • Passed CCC/FCC certification

Quality Care
  • Display real-time data and improve care efficiency

  • Get warning notifications in real-time

Real Mock and Preview

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Emergency Alerts

Timely alerts keep family members in the loop to know their loved one is well.

  • Your caretakers will be notified immediately when you fall and come help you right away.

  • Help will be notified when you are not feeling well and have difficulty breathing.


Health Promotion

Smart AI Health Assistant

All the health, nutrition, supplements, exercise suggestion. Specific to your personal needs


Health Risk Assessment

The path to long-term health is to understand the hidden information about your body through our health risk assessment tools. It is the key to optimizing your health and happiness.

Better Health Advice

Smart health promotion advice tailored to your personal needs to a better healthier you.


How it works

We can provide a level of monitoring to reassure families. 
For seniors receiving home care who cannot or do not want to move to assisted living, We can supplement home care services by providing 24/7 monitoring.

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