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REL was started with one mission:

To improve the health and happiness of seniors.


Where Our Story Begin

Does this story sound familiar?


“A relative in his late eighties was living alone, had a bad fall, and was unable to call for help. He was found dead by his niece a few days later, who was worried when he didn’t answer the phone. Nobody knows how long he lay there before he died.”


Tragic stories like this one happen because deterioration of health has gone undetected for long periods. Seniors who live alone have the highest risk, but the risk is still unavoidable even when seniors are living with family members.

Founded in 2019, REL Living has developed an innovative smart care solution to meet the complex healthcare needs of seniors. Our autonomous contactless system provides continuous monitoring and health management helping aging adults maintain healthy and independent lifestyles.

Having worked in the long-term care industry for over 15 years, Jeffrey Yu has seen firsthand how many seniors’ lives turn upside down because of sudden health emergencies like a stroke or a fall and how these experience can traumatize both seniors and their families. Families are forced to navigate the complex healthcare system and frail seniors are often never able to return to their own homes.

There is no place like home, and home is where people should age. Tragedies like these are preventable, but there is no suitable solution available.

-Jeffrey yu


The thought that there must be a better alternative prompted Jeffrey to form REL Technology Inc., to empower seniors to take their health into their own hands so that they can enjoy healthy aging at home. REL Living, REL Technology’s integrated smart aging health platform, provides continuous protection and automated notifications in emergencies like sudden serious illnesses and falls to prompt an immediate response from caretakers. REL Living also monitor seniors’ health trends and has the ability to detect a decline in health early so that seniors can take better control of their own health.



Our Vision

Quality of life during retirement is declining around the world. 

REL envisions a lifestyle where seniors can have the health and freedom to enjoy life to its fullest potential,  where seniors and families are empowered with technologies designed to bring them peace of mind and work automatically to protect and improve their health.

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